New Hampshire Laws: "Possession of Drugs" When the Cops Find Them in Your Car

New Hampshire Drug Laws . Most people in New Hampshire know that marijuana is still illegal.  It's crazy but true.  If you're stopped by the police, and you've got a stem or some resin in a pipe in your car, you will likely be arrested and charged with the crime of "Possession of Drugs" under New Hampshire's Motor Vehicle Code RSA 265-A:43.  That law reads like this:

TITLE XXI  Motor Vehicles
CHAPTER 265  Rules of the Road - Serious Traffic Offenses
RSA 265-A:43 Possession of Drugs  (2013)

265-A:43  Possession of Drugs.
Any person who drives on any way a vehicle while knowingly having in his possession or in any part of the vehicle a controlled drug or a controlled drug analog in violation of the provisions of RSA 318-B shall be guilty of a misdemeanor, and his or her license shall be revoked or his or her right to drive denied for a period of 60 days and at the discretion of the court for a period not to exceed 2 years. 

That's a harsh law.  It is also now considered a major motor vehicle offense for the purposes of "habitual offender" certification, which can cause you other licensing problems down the road.


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