Roadblocks this Weekend in Concord NH Area!!! NH Criminal Defense Attorney Mark Stevens (24/7) 603-893-0074

This weekend (July 24-25) and next weekend (July 31-8/1) everyone in Nashua, NH or around the Capital City area (Chichester, NH) should be aware that there are  DWI roadblocks in undisclosed locations somewhere around the Nashua and Chichester NH vicinities, so be careful this weekend!! 

July 24 & July 25 Concord, NH Sobriety Checkpoint
July 31 & August 1 Nashua, NH Sobriety Checkpoint 

Remember to arm yourself with the knowledge of your rights during an objectionable encounter with police and to also be prepared for police blockades in your travels this weekend!

Wishing Everyone a Safe and Police Free Weekend!! 
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