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Cheers to a Safe Pumpkin Festival!

Last year in Keene, NH at the Annual Pumpkin Festival also known as "Let it Shine", over 120 individuals from seven different states were arrested and resulted in SWAT, riot crews, pepper ball slinging, tear gas, and numerous accounts of disorderly conduct.  Over 170 Keene State students were given some type of disciplinary action due to the chaos and what seemed to be never ending rioting. 

The Keene Riot of 2014, which recruited nationwide attention during Pumpkin Festival was completely out of control and as a result Keene City Council rejected the annual return of one of Cheshire Counties most anticipated events.

Luckily- Belknap County decided to step it up and Laconia, NH will be the new host of the Annual Pumpkin Fest tradition Saturday October 24,  2015.  

Pumpkin Festival started in 1991 in Keene, New Hampshire and has taken place there every year since, until now. The annual event hosts contests and makes an attempt to break the Guinness Book of World Records every year for the most amount of lit jack o' lanterns at one time.

Have a Pepper Ball & Tear-Gas-Free Pumpkin Festival This Year!

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