Were You Arrested at the Keene Pumpkin Festival?

New Hampshire DWI Lawyer .  Have you been arrested at the Keene Pumpkin Festival this year?  Each year the "Pumpkin Festival" draws big crowds to Keene for the big celebration.  Unfortunately, for some people the weekend ends with an arrest for "minor in possession of alcohol" , "unlawful intoxication by a minor", DWI or other alcohol related offenses.

If you were arrested you were probably given a summons or bail paperwork that tells you on what date to appear in the Keene District Court.  Your first appearance date in the Keene District Court for these types of charges is usually your arraignment date.  This is where you first enter a plea of either "not guilty" or guilty. 

New Hampshire has an unusual law prohibiting people under the age of 21 from intoxication or possession of alcohol.  The law is unusual because it subjects people who are convicted of this to a 90 day loss of their drivers license, even if they were not driving even in a car at all!

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